Settings / AD Navigation <strong>(Only SEA<em>iq</em> Pilot)</strong>

AD Navigation Settings

These settings configure SEAiq Pilot for use with AD Navigation Portable Piloting Units. See below for more information on using SEAiq with AD Navigation products.

Device Configuration and Support Notes

Below are WiFi configuration settings for AD Navigation products. Presets for configuring these devices are provided in Settings / NMEA & AIS / Standard Devices.

AD Navigation ADQ-2

The AD Navigation ADQ-2 is supported by SEAiq. This support includes the following:

SEAiq Settings (WiFi):

To use the ADQ-2 heartbeat alarm, turn on Settings / AD Navigation / Device Alarm. Note that turning on the alarm may improve battery life since the ADQ-2 can power-off Bluetooth when WiFi is used. Disabling the device alarm requires that you turn the unit off and then on again.

AD Navigation ADX DUO, ADX XR, and ADX XR Lite

The ADX DUO, ADX XR, ADX XR Lite PPUs are supported by SEAiq. This support includes the following:

SEAiq Settings (WiFi):

Note that the ADX DUO does not have an integrated device alarm like the ADQ-2.

Please see AD Navigation ADX DUO Alarms below.

Vessel Select: ADX XR, ADX XR Lite, and ADX DUO

The ADX XR, ADX XR Lite, and ADX DUO are not connected directly to the AIS pilot plug but certain models may still receive AIS data.

Vessel Select is used to associate Own-Ship with an AIS target, which allows vessel name, size, and other information to be determined. Vessel Select is also used to suppress display of the AIS target corresponding to Own-Ship (see Suppress Selected Vessel).

Three methods are available for selecting a vessel:

Method 1: Select from List of Vessels

Method 2: Select Vessel Graphically

Similarly, you can also make this selection by graphically selecting a target on the Navigate tab or by finding the vessel you want on the AIS tab:

Method 3: Vessel Auto-Select

Vessel Auto-Select is used to automatically prompt you when aboard a vessel. A vessel is selected by comparing your position and course with AIS targets in your area (see documentation for Vessel Auto-Select for more information about the criteria used to choose the most likely AIS target). If vessel is not selected for some reason, use one of the other methods to manually select your vessel.

Heading Offset

Depending on how the pods of an ADX DUO, ADX XR, or ADX XR Lite are oriented, you may need to adjust the heading received from the device. This is done by adjusting Settings / Own-Ship / Heading Offset, which is added to the value received from the PPU. You should first set the basic orientation and then fine-tune as needed.



Vessel Select (ADX DUO & XR)