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AIS Sharing

SEAiq AIS Sharing is an easy way to get AIS information for many parts of the world.

AIS Sharing has two sources of data. First, it provides access to all the feeds at the AIS Hub. AIS Hub is a cooperative way to get AIS data; people or organizations setup permanent AIS antennas and supply their feed to AIS Hub. In return AIS Hub sends that feed to the organizations. If you want to add AIS coverage for your area and it is not already provided, AIS Hub is one way to do that.

Second, users that use AIS Sharing while connected to their own AIS receiver over WiFi will share their data with other SEAiq users. If there are other active SEAiq users in your area, you will then get access to their feeds. This can work well in many cases, but of course you must be aware that the source of a feed you are looking at may be moving or may be turned off at any time.

Apple iPads and iPhones will normally turn off their cellular internet connection when they connect to a WiFi network. You can follow these instructions in order find different approaches to having both connections active at the same time.

Adding Additional AIS Feeds

If you have a local AIS base station that you would like included in AIS Sharing, you can of course share it using AIS sharing and leaving an iPad running. Alternatively, if you can email us at with an IP address and TCP or UDP port, we can add the feed directly to the SEAiq server. The advantage of this approach is that it does not require an iPad to be left running SEAiq.


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