Settings / Bathymetry <strong>(Only SEA<em>iq</em> Pilot)</strong>


Bathymetry is the study of underwater depth. The settings here affect how underwater features are displayed. Note that other settings, such as the Safety Depth, Safety Contour, Shallow Contour and Deep Contour also affect display of underwater features.

Use these features with care! Incorrect use can result in confusing display of depth related information. If you are unsure about the correct use of these features, leave the settings at their default values.


Bathymetric ENCs

S-102 bENCs


Safety Depth & Contour


Admiralty Information Overlays

Tidal Adjustment

In situations where tidal height is important to navigation the mariner may find it useful to adjust display of bathymetric features to account for the current tide.

This feature works both with and without bENCs.

The default setting is 0, which causes all bathymetric information to be displayed unmodified. This value may be changed to positive or negative values. Whatever value is selected will be added to the depth in the chart. If this is set to 10m, then a 15.3m sounding will be changed in the display to 25.3m.

Since depth information are typically reference a low tide datum, you will normally use positive adjustments that correspond to a higher tidal state. A situation where a negative adjustment would make sense is an extreme low tide.

After changing the setting, SEAiq will proceed to update any chart you display, in order to reflect the adjustment. There may be some delay as the chart is re-processed.

If you are unsure about use of this feature, leave it set to the default value of 0.

Safety Depth / Contour

The following settings are used to update the values of the Safety Depth and Safety Contour chart display settings. This feature is used to simplify calculations for the Safety Depth and Safety Contour settings. It is always possible to set the values directly by going to the Vector Charts settings and editing the values there.

Before using these settings, you should normally ensure the dimensions for Own-Ship have been set in the Own-Ship settings, in particular the Draft.

Display Bathymetric ENCs (bENCs)

In some areas of navigation where detailed depth information is required for safe navigation, special digital charts called Bathymetric ENCs (bENCs) have been created. bENCs contain detailed information about depth not available in the normal charts for these areas. The bENCs are specialized in that they only contain bathymetric information and do not include other navigation information such as aids to navigation or bridges. Getting the full picture of both the bathymetric information and navigation requires displaying information from both bENCs and the corresponding ENCs.

When this setting is enabled, SEAiq modifies display of standard ENCs to replace underwater features (such as depth soundings, underwater contours, underwater depth areas, and dredged areas) with data from a bENC chart. Note that ENC navigation features are layered above bENC so that items such as buoys remain visible.

Use this feature with care. In some situations it can be confusing. If you are uncertain about the accuracy of the display, we recommend disabling this feature.

Below are some further notes/caveats: