Settings / Docking Aids <strong>(Only SEA<em>iq</em> Pilot)</strong>

Docking Aids

SEAiq includes support for displaying extra data when docking vessels. This features are intended to be useful for large commercial vessels (100+ metres) with accurate Rate-of-Turn (ROT) sensor data. It is not intended for use with small recreational craft.

This feature attempts to provide as accurate of information as possible. In particular, it accounts for the location of the GPS antenna on the vessel and ROT, and their effects on the movement of different parts of the vessel.

When first using this feature, we recommend trying it with the Simulator to get a feel for how it works.

To use this feature, you will define one or more fenders. A fender may correspond to a wharf your vessel will be docking alongside or mark the boundaries of navigable areas.

As Own-Ship approaches fenders, fenders will automatically be selected for display, as described below.

For maneuvers such as approaching locks, you can set the Centerline flag in a fender. Then the information shown will help in aligning Own-Ship with the given centerline. Information for a centerlines is only shown when Own-Ship is at most 100m distance.


Alternate Maneuvers



Here are the steps to setup and use Docking Aids:


The following docking aids are visible on the Navigate tab. Note that docking aids are only shown at display scale of at least 1:20,000.

Creating Fenders from Charts

You can also create a new fender by extracting it from vector chart features. The advantage of this approach is that that (1) it is automatic, (2) the placement is based on chart features which (hopefully) have been carefully surveyed.

You can create a fender by double tapping on a wharf. Select Details for this Location. Then look for a Shore-line Construction feature and select that. Then select Add as Fender. This will create a new fender object placed along the wharf. You should double check that the fender placement is appropriate.

Some important caveats:

Single Point Mooring and Variable Range Markers

To aid in docking with a single point mooring (SPM), you can use a Variable Range Marker (VRM) to indicate the location where you are docking.

The following information is displayed in a block named Docking-SPM in the vertical status bar when docking to a SPM is enabled:

Note that currently no information is displayed in the chart area.

The following conditions must be met for the SPM information to be displayed.