Settings / Feeds


SEAiq has the ability to automatically download and update numerous types of data from the internet. Several preset feeds are provided that are of common interest, but many users employ this feature for their specialized needs.

Feeds are normally only updated when connected to the internet. You need to take care to connect to the internet from time to time so that your feeds may be updated. You can request an immediate update by pressing the UPDATE button. The current status of your feeds can be determined by checking the Diagnostics.

When updating feeds, SEAiq attempt to use network bandwidth efficiently by first checking if the data has changed before downloading the entire new file. This requires standard support from the server.


Common Feeds (See also Tides)

User-Generated Feed Files

Feeds are also an open-ended feature that can be extended to download and periodically update various forms of data. Please contact us if you have any questions on how to use feeds.

User-generated feeds are considered an advanced because they designed to be open-ended in nature. They are specified using files in the XML format. If you have a specific need not currently addressed in SEAiq, please contact us about your requirements.

Feed files are based on the RSS XML format, with the following extensions: