Files Tab (SEA<em>iq</em> USA)

Charts (SEAiq USA)

Summary: Select the regions you want charts for and press Update to download them.


NOAA is in the progress of updating their chart production and there are many important changes underway. The biggest change is that raster (RNC) charts are being phased out by NOAA. Also, coverage areas are being changed and charts are being regridded. Please see this link below for more information.


This app provides simple access to all the vector and raster charts published by NOAA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The name of each region is displayed along with whether it has been selected. Simply select the regions corresponding to the areas you want. You can remove regions at any time and add regions whenever you are connected to the internet.

After selecting the desired regions, press the Update button. Charts for regions you have selected will be downloaded. Charts for regions newly disabled will be removed.

Your device must be connected to the internet to be able to download charts. The size of the data for charts is displayed with each region. We recommend using a WiFi connection to download charts. Once downloaded, charts are available for offline use (when you do not have internet or cell access).

After charts have been downloaded, select the Navigate tab to return to the digital chart display. Each chart is shown with a magenta outline. You can zoom to view the charts using normal gestures.

When viewing a chart for the first time, there may be a delay as the chart is processed to prepare it for viewing. Charts can require a significant amount of processing since they are being formatted specifically for your device and the options you have selected.

Later, return to the Charts tab for chart updates or to add/remove regions. Any region with missing or out-of-date charts will be displayed in red. When updating, only the new or changed charts for a region are downloaded. NOAA recommends updating your charts at least once a week.

Note that charts are downloaded only onto the current device. If you use this app on a different device you will need to select the regions you want on it and download those as well.