Settings / Navicom Dynamics <strong>(Only <em>SEAiq Pilot</em>)</strong>

Navicom Dynamics Settings

These settings configure SEAiq Pilot for use with Navicom Dynamics Portable Piloting Units. See below for more information on using SEAiq with Navicom Dynamics products.

NMEA Configuration

Current Models

The current NavicomDynamics products use per-model configurations, as listed below. SEAiq has presets for configuring these devices.

Previous Models

Prior models use a configuration that is dependent on the serial number of the device, as described below. If you have any questions, refer to your product documentation.

The Host should use an IP address that is determined by the product serial number. The IP addresses take the form 192.168.X.Y, where X is the first digit of the serial number and Y is the last 3 digits of the serial number (discarding any leading zeroes). For example:

The first digit of the serial number also corresponds to the version of the device (eg, Mk3 serial numbers start with 3). This is explained in the documentation that came with your device.

Navicom Dynamics PPUs support at most 5 WiFi client at a time.