Settings / Sailing <strong>(All but SEA<em>iq</em> Pilot)</strong>


This panel is used to control settings primarily related to sailing. Currently, only one setting is supported, which enables display of status information that can be helpful when sailing to wind.

We hope you find this feature helpful. Please keep in mind that this support in SEAiq is fairly simplistic and is targeted more at simple needs of cruisers than for racing, etc.


Sailing to Wind

This is used to display extra status information that can be helpful when tacking into the wind. It processes various sensor data and presents it to help understand whether you are on the best tack and when to change tacks.

This setting requires NMEA data about the Apparent Wind Angle (AWA) to your vessel. If True Wind Angle is available, it will be used, otherwise it will be derived. It also assumes you have a waypoint you are currently set to follow.

When enabled an extra panel is displayed in the vertical status bar, labeled Sail to Wind. It includes 4 data points: