Settings / Simulator <strong>(Only SEA<em>iq</em> Pilot)</strong>


The simulator allows you to simulate operation of a vessel anywhere in the world. This can be a good way to try out SEAiq and see how various maneuvers can be displayed. Please note this simulator is not intended to emulate "real-world" conditions.

When the simulator is enabled, you can use sliders to control the vessel's speed in water (STW), bow and stern motions. A pause button can be used to stop the vessels motion until pressed again.

The following methods for moving the simulated vessel are supported:

You can move the simulator to the same position, HDG, and ROT as any AIS target or Own-Ship. Select the desired vessel, double-tap to get full details, and choose Copy to Simulator (all the way on the bottom). After this, the simulated Own-Ship will follow its own course.

A current can be simulated using the Drift settings. Finally, an advanced setting, Disable ROT Sensor, can be turned ON to cause SEAiq to simulate its behavior as though Own-Ship does not have a rate-of-turn sensor.

The simulator does not support Settings / Own-Ship / Heading Offset.