Settings / Status Bar

Status Bar

SEAiq uses status bars for presenting sensor data and other information on the Navigate display.

There are two different status bars a vertical bar on the left or right side of the display and a horizontal bar on the top of the display.


These settings control which status bars are displayed. Note that you can also select these using the buttons on the top and left/right of the Navigate tab.

Own-Ship Panels


Side Status Bar

The side status bar is more advanced. In addition to displaying basic sensor data, it includes a number of other context-sensitive display features. All the information is displayed in Panels which include related groups of information. As you will see some panels are only shown if enabled by the user, either explicitly though a setting or implicitly through some other action. For instance, when an AIS target is selected, a panel will be shown containing information about that target.

If there is sensor data that is not displayed in one of the panels listed above, additional panels will be added with simple formatting for those sensors.