Settings / VentureFarther


VentureFarther is an online web toolkit for mariners. Please note that ongoing use of VentureFarther KAP download requires contributing to their site or paying a fee. We encourage you to donate to the site to help support maintaining and improving this service.


Here are the steps to setup your account with VentureFarther.

  1. Go to VentureFarther. Choose Join the Community. Fill in the information and select Done.
  2. Then go to Profile / External Access Key. Copy the key (long press, select the entire key, then Copy) from VentureFarther. Then paste it in the External Access Key field here. This allows SEAiq to login as you on VentureFarther.

Chart Download

To download charts, go to the Navigate tab. Double-tap and select Download Satellite Chart. When completed, the chart will appear on the display. The Download Satellite Chart option will only appear if a value is present in the External Access Key field.

After chart(s) are downloaded, they will be displayed if VentureFarther chart display is enabled. You do not need to turn on raster charts in order to display these charts.