Settings / Vessel Display

Vessel Display (Own-Ship & AIS)

These control how your vessel and other vessels (AIS targets) are depicted on the Navigation display. Most settings apply equally to your vessel and to AIS targets. Note that your vessel will only be depicted if its location is known from the devices integrated GPS or from GPS information supplied from external NMEA.




AIS Targets

True-scale Vessel Display

When zoomed in sufficiently far, SEAiq will display vessels (both Own-Ship and AIS targets) scaled and positioned to their approximate shape. This can be useful in many situations, such as when navigating in small areas.

In order for True-scale display to be used for a given vessel, the following conditions must all be met.

The size of Own-Ship may come from the local AIS feed (in "AIVDO" sentences) or may be set manually by the user. The settings in the AIS feed are given preference, unless Settings / Own-Ship / Size / Source is set to Manual, in which case your manual settings will be used.

For AIS targets, the size information is reported less frequently than the vessel's position so there may be a delay after a vessel is first displayed before the shape is available. SEAiq saves this information to prevent the delay when the same vessel is encountered again.

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