Settings / AIS Vessel Select

AIS Vessel Select

Use this to select AIS targets to use as Own-Ship. This is used when aboard a vessel and using a PPU that does not connect directly into the ships AIS pilot plug. By selecting a vessel, SEAiq can know which AIS target is Own-Ship and use this to determine particular, such as name and size. Also, the MMSI number is then used to save certain per-ship settings in a database to be used if you board the ship again.

The most common PPU devices supported by this feature are listed below:

Other situations where Vessel Select may be helpful include:

Vessel Select is different from Virtual Boarding. With Vessel Select, the position, course and other "dynamic" information come from your PPU and the static information come from the AIS target you select. With Virtual Boarding, no PPU information is used: all information comes from the AIS target.

To manually select a vessel, you select the AIS target and view its "Full Details." You will see an option to Select the vessel.