Settings / AIS Virtual Board

AIS Virtual Board

Use this to "virtually board" an AIS target. This will treat that AIS target as though it is Own-Ship. While virtually boarded, you can enable many of the features that are available only for Own-Ship, such as docking modes.

Common uses for virtually boarding include:

Warning: Because of how AIS works, information about AIS targets is not updated as frequently as for Own-Ship when connected to a pilot plug directly. Virtual Boarding is not considered suitable for navigation or piloting where predictable and reliable position updates are required. You should connect directly to PPU or AIS Pilot Plug. A warning is displayed on startup reminding this.

An alternative method to Virtual Board an AIS target is to select the target and view its "Full Details". You will see an option to Virtual Board the vessel.

You can disable virtual boarding by pressing the X in the Virtual Boarding status bar panel.

When virtual boarding is enabled, it takes precedence over all other features except the vessel simulator.