Settings / Sea Traffic Management <strong>(Only SEA<em>iq</em> Pilot)</strong>

Sea Traffic Management (STM)

This is used to provide support for Sea Traffic Management (STM). It allows communication and exchange of mariner information including routes. This feature is currently experimental and should only be used for evaluation purposes.

The typical STM user will turn on Cross-Route Meeting Points in Settings / Meeting Points, so that meeting points will be estimated for STM-enabled vessels that are on different routes from Own-Ship.

This function is temporarily disabled when playing back NMEA recordings (Settings / Record & Playback), Virtual Boarding (Settings / Virtual Board), or using the simulator (Settings / Simulator). This is because these other functions involve situations where Own-Ship does not correspond to a real vessel.

For ships that are distributing an STM voyage plan, information is displayed on the ships label. The first item that applies from the list below is selected.

Status Bar

When STM is enabled and active, a panel will be shown in the side status bar. It begins with a brief status section:

This is followed by a log of recent events, up to 10 lines. Each line includes a brief description and may end with an indication of the number of minutes since the event occurred and a number of duplicates. For instance "(x3, 4M)" means that the event occurred 3 times and the most recent occurrence was about 4 minutes ago.


Voyage Plans

Text Messages