Settings / ChartWorld Charts <strong>(Only SEA<em>iq</em> Pilot)</strong>

ChartWorld Charts

The settings here are for users with S-63 charts from ChartWorld. If you are using ChartWorld charts, you can enable occasional checks to see if you have any chart updates. When chart updates are available, you can download them directly from ChartWorld using an automatic download feature.

To use the remote update features from ChartWorld, you must have registered an account with ChartWorld and purchased charts.

Create ChartWorld Account

Creating a ChartWorld account is straight-forward except for the important step of creating a "ChartWorld Installation". An Installation provides ChartWorld the information it uses to package the charts for SEAiq. The instructions below explain all of the steps, including the creation of your SEAiq Installation.

Account and Password

ChartWorld can use different usernames and passwords depending on whether you are accessing your account on their web site or download charts. Here are instructions to ensure that you enter the correct information in SEAiq.

You can confirm you are using the correct information by looking for the FTP Chart Download information that ChartWorld sent you. You will see a link like this: In this case, the account is DC12345 and the password is AB789.

Purchase Charts

You are ready to purchase charts. Go to the ChartWorld store and find the S-63 charts you want. Be sure to only purchase charts in the S-63 format. Add them to your cart and checkout.

For many charts, you will be offered a choice of subscription periods. These only determine for how long you will receive updates for the charts. SEAiq, following the S-63 standard, will continue to display charts that have expired subscriptions, but will display a warning.

Important: do not set the Base Medium since this will prevent all the needed base charts from being provided by the server.

Download Charts

To download or update charts simply press the UPDATE button while connected to the internet. If any updates are available, they will be downloaded and installed. SEAiq will regularly check for update and offer to download them when they are available.




Download & Update