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Meeting Points (Only SEAiq Pilot)

When an AIS target is following the same route, it can be useful to estimate where they may meet along the route. This is called their Meeting Point.

If traveling opposite directions, the meeting point is where the two vessels pass each other. When the vessels are in the same direction the vessel behind is overtaking the vessel in front, the meeting point is the location where they are overtaken.

This feature is commonly used when navigating rivers and similar confined channels, where the vessels can be expected to follow the course of the river. SEAiq will estimate the time until they meet and the approximate point of meeting along the route. The meeting point is displayed as a magenta circle along with the name of the target.

The AIS tab has an option called Route Traffic for organizing targets on your current route along with their meeting points.

IMPORTANT: the meeting point estimate uses a number of assumptions, such as that the vessels are actually following the same route, they maintain current speed, etc. The estimate is only accurate to the degree that the assumptions hold. In the case of vessels with similar speeds overtaking each other, the estimate may have a significant amount of error.

The following conditions must be met for a meeting point to be displayed:

You can see the time to meeting by pulling up the AIS record. The current status is displayed under "Route Meeting Point." If there is no meeting point, the status given will help you understand why not. The possible status values for meeting point are:


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Cross-Route Meeting Points (Experimental)