Routes Tab

Routes & Waypoints

Routes and waypoints can be edited both here and graphicly on the Navigate tab. The following settings are available for routes and waypoints.


Waypoint Advance

Arrival Notification

Cross-Track Distance (XTD)

Speed Limit

Planned Speed



You can create a waypoint graphicly by double tapping in the Navigate tab and selecting Add Waypoint. You will then be presented with a small dialog where you can edit the waypoints name, description, latitude, longitude, and enable Go-To mode. In SEAiq Pilot, you can also set a goal time to arrive a waypoint and see the last time the waypoint was passed.

When creating a waypoint, you can add the new waypoint to an existing route, or create a new route with the waypoint. When graphicly adding a waypoint to a route, the best location in the route is selected for the waypoint. This is based on the relative locations of the other waypoints already in the route.

You can move a waypoint after it is created. Single tap to select the waypoint you want to edit. Then touch and drag the waypoint to the new location; the latitude and longitude are displayed next to the waypoint as it is dragged.

You can double tap on a selected waypoint to bring a dialog to edit the waypoint, including change its name, change its description, add it to a route, manually edit its location, delete it, etc.

You can also view all waypoints by selecting the Route tab, pressing the settings button and choose Waypoints.


Create and edit routes either graphicly or through menus. A route is created graphicly by:

  1. Single tap to select the first waypoint.
  2. Double tap at location of second waypoint and select Add New Route.
  3. While route remains selected, double tap and select Add New Waypoint to Route.
  4. Repeat the previous step to add further waypoints.

When a route is selected:

The route tab lists all the routes you have created. You can also edit a route by selecting it there and editing the waypoints in the route using the Edit button and moving or removing waypoints in the route.

If you want to follow a route, select the route and press the Follow button. You can press the Advance button to advance to the next waypoint in the route. The waypoints in the current route are colored red and the current active waypoint has a second inner circle.