Settings / NMEA & AIS / WiFi



The following settings can be used to connect your device to NMEA/AIS over WiFi. Before adjusting them, first ensure this device and your source of NMEA/AIS data are connected to the same network.


Below are configuration setting for devices from a number of vendors.

Navicom Dynamics PPUs

Please refer to Navicom Dynamics Settings for complete instructions on configuring SEAiq Pilot with Navicom Dynamics PPUs.

Trelleborg PPUs

Please refer to Trelleborg Settings for complete instructions on configuring SEAiq Pilot with Trelleborg PPUs.

AD Navigation PPUs

Please refer to AD Navigation Settings for complete instructions on configuring SEAiq Pilot with AD Navigation PPUs.

Pilots TECH AIS Pilot Plug WiFi

SEAiq supports the Pilots TECH AIS Pilot Plug WiFi. Use the configuration below. Older units may use port 60000 instead of 8888.


SEAiq supports the GlobPilot WiFiAis and WiFiAisGPS. Use the configuration below.


SEAiq supports the PILOT CENKIN® AIS Pilot Plug. Use the configuration below.


SEAiq supports the CENKIN CP4 AIS pilot plug. Use the configuration below.

Trimble SPS585 GNSS PPU

A pair of Trimble SPS585 GNSS receivers offer a combination of independent GNSS positioning and precise rate-of-turn with independent heading data. The primary SPS585 can receive corrections from a Virtual Reference Station (VRS) or a single GNSS base station (IBSS), when connected to the Internet, to deliver centimetre accurate 3D positions. If there is no VRS or IBSS available then the Trimble Centerpoint RTX subscription service can be used on the primary receiver Trimble RTX is a near global satellite service better than 10 centimetre accuracy without a GNSS base station. The receiver will also operate with SBAS corrections (such as WAAS, EGNOS etc) if available.

Typical Connection Settings: WiFi over TCP (Check details in the latest technical documentation from Trimble. Bluetooth is also available from the SPS585 receiver.

iPad Settings:

SEAiq Settings:

TRENZ Pilot Plug

SEAiq supports the TRENZ Pilot Plug. Support includes reporting battery level and other detailed diagnostics reported by the devices.

Digital Yacht: iAIS

Digital Yacht devices support both TCP and UDP. They recommend UDP because (1) the simpler configuration, and (2) UDP allows you to have multiple iPads and other devices access it (TCP only allows 1 device at a time).

iAIS does not provide GPS information unless it has been connected to another NMEA data feed from your vessel's other instruments. Because of this, you may want to enable Only Use AIS Targets so that SEAiq will use the internal device GPS for position.

Vesper Marine: XB-8000

Below are the settings for the Vesper Marine XB-8000 AIS transponder. It is possible to change the settings for the Host; if you have done so, you will want to use your new setting instead.

ShipModul MiniPlex-2Wi

SEAiq supports the ShipModul MiniPlex-2Wi. Normally, you can use the configuration below. The port is always 10110. The IP address will be used when the device is operating as an "access point". However, when used in "infrastructure mode", the IP address may be different; please see the device's documentation for more information.


SEAiq supports the PilotMate devices. Use the configuration in your documentation. When connected to the PilotMate device, it will be recognized as such and a diagnostic panel will appear in the status bar.