Settings / IHO S-63 Charts (SEA<em>iq</em> and SEA<em>iq</em> Pilot)

IHO S-63 Charts

S-63 is an International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) standard for distributing S-57 vector charts. S-63 prevents unauthorized copying of charts and also provides confidence that the charts have not been tampered with.

SEAiq can use S-63 charts from any source. The simplest method is to use one of the automatic chart download and updater for charts from PRIMAR, ChartWorld, Admiralty (AVCS), OneOcean, or Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO). In addition to making the initial download easy, these methods will also automatically check for updates and prompt you when they are available.

When installing S-63 charts, it is important to install both the chart file(s) and the S-63 cell permit file(s). The chart files contain the charts and associated data; cell permit files contain keys and other information required to process the charts.

Cell permits can be installed in any of these types of files:


User Permit



You can find diagnostics by going to the Settings tab, selecting S-63 Data Protection, and then Diagnostics. You will be presented with detailed information about the import status of each chart cell.